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ROLE  Designer, concept and execution
SCOPE  Packaging design, shipping box experience, brand voice
CREDIT  Lifestyle photography shot by client
CHALLENGE Evertrain is a sports supplement & nutritional brand that came to Maven to help define a visual language and out of box experience for their new product line. The challenge was two-fold. First, I needed to design the bottle packaging and labels to stand apart in a category dominated by overly designed graphics and visual confusion. Then, I needed to create an unboxing experience for the new line of products. I knew it had to be a box that was undeniably Evertrain—a box that helped familiarize everyday athletes with their brand

Evertrain Core Four Packaging
Evertrain Packaging Family
Evertrain Bottles
Evertrain Label Design
Evertrain Jumping Red
Evertrain Packaging Design
Evertrain Jumping Athelete
Evertrain Packaging
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