Pay App

Client Project done while at SCAD
Scope Concepting, Wireframes, Interface Design, HTML, CSS, Java Coding
Challenge Create, design, and code an app based on an original idea


All of your bills in one place: the palm of your hand. PAY collects data from your accounts when you set up the app and updates bills based on due date. It eliminates the need to remember passwords and log into separate accounts. You can pay every bill by dragging it to the account you want to pay from. Bills are organized by due date and an added total of all of the month's bills is displayed under your account summary which lets you compare the two and budget accordingly.  


Lists is one of the strongest features of PAY for users that share bills. The app allows you to create separate lists of bills that you can share with other users. Then you can assign users to each bill in the list (with their permission) and split the bill among each user by fractions or dollar amounts. The bill can the be paid directly in the app by each user and will show who's paid and when which eliminates the need for money transfer apps and the questions "Have you paid rent yet?"


Ever catch yourself thinking "Did I pay that yet?" PAY allows you to see a history of every bill you paid via the app, organized by date, all in one place. Each bill, when opened, also gives you additional information including when it was due, when you paid, other users who contributed, and what account it was paid from. The history channel is also searchable so if you get the question "when did you pay the power bill?" you can answer immediately. 



See all the details of your bill in one place including who made payments toward it via PAY app.


Forgot to pay that?

When you make a list you have the ability to see  other users on that list. Looks like your roommate forgot to pay the power bill this month! No problem, use the messenger feature to remind them.